Re: NTP dumps Linux, film at 11. [Fwd/FYI]

Stephen C. Tweedie (
Wed, 2 Dec 1998 15:25:37 GMT


On Tue, 1 Dec 1998 22:24:53 -0500, "Theodore Y. Ts'o" <tytso@MIT.EDU>

> Fascinating... as I said, I haven't seen this at all, and I've been
> using RedHat 5.x quite frequently. The one big difference is (1) I
> don't use a 2.0 kernel, and (2) I don't run Linux-AFS. [(2) is related
> to (1). :-/ ]

Related issue: the redhat distribution uses dynamic module loading
extensively. I wouldn't be in the slightest bit surprised if you were
probing for modules which lost ticks during the load. Are the lost
ticks reproducible on a custom-built kernel with no modules on an
otherwise standard redhat system?


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