Re: NFS in 2.1.130??

Joel Klecker (
Wed, 2 Dec 1998 09:48:12 -0800

At 14:58 +0800 1998-12-02, David Luyer wrote:
>error. So yes, Debian users should compile their own deliver and/or qpopper
>and/or other mail programs. This is one area Debian is currently lacking -
>there's no "Debian mail locking standard" evident.

That's not true, we do have a mail locking standard: dotlocking.

However, there is a bug filed on deliver regarding this.

I have just uploaded a fixed version of the Debian deliver package, this
should be available from <> or other
Debian incoming mirrors soon (I expect it to be installed in the main
archive quickly as well).

Suggesting that users recompile qpopper or other mail programs is
unwarranted in my opinion, instead, if you are aware of any packages which
violate this or any other policy, please file bugs against them.

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