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3 Dec 1998 00:39:13 GMT

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By author: Bob McElrath <>
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> >
> > Besides: what is the current absolute limit of 2.1 kernels with
> > bzImage again? I consider it useful to have a fully-fledged kernel with
> > everything linked in - no modules. Might be safety reasons, might be
> > shutting down the hard disk after boot (well, okay, insmod without
> > removable option would do also), might be saving the kernel module
> > loader overhead or anything else.
> Seems to me this problem will only get worse. One solution is to buy
> non-Intel hardware, since Intel is so braindead. Another is to perhaps
> encourage the maintainers of LILO to add protected mode initialization code,
> so that LILO can load an arbitrarily large file.

HELLO? This is EXACTLY what bzImage is, and it has been supported for
a long, long time.

This is getting downright silly.


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