Re: Toshiba chip (was: win chip)

Andrew McGregor (
Thu, 03 Dec 1998 11:45:03 +1300

Toshiba Laptops (at least late ones, like my Tecra 780DVD) use Lucent
chips for their modems, but (and this is the wierd bit) they aren't the
usual winmodem chips, but a mixed analog/digital DSP straight on the PCI
bus, with it's analog stuff wired to the phone jack. They aren't even
serial. The windows driver is about 500k, much of which is the code for
the DSP. It would, I believe, be possible for someone with a dev kit
for the DSP to develop a modem driver for these, but they'd have to
write the whole modem from scratch. Not pretty.

(I read the list in digest, and I've lost the original poster's address,

Andrew McGregor
IndraNet Technologies Ltd

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