Re: Time problems...

Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH (
Wed, 02 Dec 1998 21:22:31 -0500

In message <>, Horst von Brand
| Riley Williams <> said:
| > I don't have kernel sources handy to look through, but the above
| > sounds suspiciously like something's reprogramming the timer interrupt
| But only if the drift was consistently in one direction, which it is not
| AFAIU. Also, if it was a RH screwup, it would happen everywhere, not at
| random in either direction for identical machines installed the same way.

Yes. Moreover, I've gotten a handful of confirmations from other people and
a largeish number of other people saying they've never seen it. Which
leaves me back where I was in April: completely lost as to why it's
happening, with no common elements in the systems on which it happens vs.
the ones where it doesn't. :-(

Which brings me full circle: xntpd is the only thing that keeps these
machines on an even keel....

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