disks stats through /proc

URCAM Aquitaine (urcam.aquitaine@dial.oleane.com)
Tue, 01 Dec 1998 10:26:13 +0100

I do not subscribe: please CC me at jfontain@multimania.com

I am trying to write a disks statistics / information module for moodss
(at http://www.multimania.com/jfontain/).

I am having trouble gathering disks statistics: the only place I have
found so far is the /proc/stat file which, according to my understanding
will show data for up to 4 SCSI devices in priority, then up to 4 IDE
devices, and will never show statistics for more than 4 devices of any

What I would need is separate data (statistics, type, model, vendor,
...) for hda, hdb, ..., sda, sdb, ... devices, for example.

Is there a plan to improve the /proc filesystem in such a way, or am I
missing something (there might be another way to get at what I want)?

Any information from the experts in this field would be greatly

Many thanks in advance.

Jean-Luc Fontaine

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