Re: Problem with 1G RAM

Jeffrey Hutzelman (
Wed, 2 Dec 1998 23:48:50 -0500 (EST)

> We have a new machine: ASUS P2B-D, Dual PII 450MHz, 1G RAM, 10G EIDE.
> but i couldn't get any kernel to work with the 1G RAM (i used
> append="mem=1024M" )
> 2.0.34 gives:
> Bad pmd in pte_alloc: 000000e7
> Kernel Panic: Failed to allocate buffer hash table
> In Swapper task - not syncing
> 2.1.130 will just stop after "Uncompressing kernel... ok"
> right now, it's running fine with 2.1.130 and append="mem=768M"
> How do i get the 1G RAM working?
> any thoughts is appreciated! i am not on the list, so pls reply cc the
> reply to me. thanks!

I don't remember the exact details, but we determined that the 2.0.x
kernel was trashing some data structure during initialization if there
was too much memory. It seems to work correctly with mem=960M; we
actually patched our kernels to use that as an upper bound on the
amount of memory to use, regardless of what the BIOS or user say about
how much memory is available.

-- Jeffrey T. Hutzelman (N3NHS) <>
Systems Programmer
School of Computer Science - Research Computing Facility
Carnegie Mellon University - Pittsburgh, PA

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