Re: vesafb and Scitech Display Doctor/DOS

Anthony Barbachan (
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 00:34:02 -0500

Was your upgrade a perminant video BIOS upgrade? Sounds like your using
a software video BIOS upgrade, I remember I used to use one for my old
cl-gd5424. The software BIOS upgrades are basically just DOS device drivers
that redirect BIOS functions to the updated routines within its code. If
this is your case than it shouldn't work, unless.......

Not sure if this is possible but just brainstorming here: the device
driver that redirected the BIOS functions was loaded in high memory which
Linux marks as reserved upon bootup thus the device driver code is probably
still in memory and the BIOS redirections remain set it might have a chance
of working. (Note: that this would probably require that actual memory
exist on your system in the high memory area) Another (brainstorming
theory) possibility is that the BIOS update overwrites the BIOS shadow of
the previous video BIOS if video BIOS shadowing happens to be enabled on
your system (I doubt this would work without shadowing as in that case the
video BIOS addresses would probably be addresses to ROM). Since you use
loadlin, the system is not reset, perhaps your upgrade could actually be
made to work. However this is unlikely.

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Date: Wednesday, December 02, 1998 8:09 PM
Subject: vesafb and Scitech Display Doctor/DOS

>Can I upgrade an old gfx card to VESA 2.0 ( 3.0 ) with
>scitech display doctor under DOS and then boot linux ?
>I tried it with an ASUS PCI-264CT ( Mach64CT based )
>, Scitech DD 6.53 for DOS and linux 2.1.130-pre3.
>I installed the SDD driver and loaded linux with loadlin.
>Some modes worked , others had a corrupted display.
>Did it work only accidentaly or it should work or what ?
>David Balazic , student
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