2.0, /proc/stat: is "paging" "disk I/O"

Ulrich Windl (ulrich.windl@rz.uni-regensburg.de)
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 09:29:22 +0100


I have a SCSI disk with my root filesystem and an IDE disk to swap
(page). Yesterday my machine pages heavily, and I was curious.

Invoking "procinfo" showed only activity for one disk. Looking into
/proc/stat I found that the disk I/O values do not contain accesses
caused by paging. I only had activity for one disk. Is that

Should "page" and "swap" be used instead?

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HP Computer NEWS 3/98 about HP 2000/CN printer (page 24): "Darüber
hinaus ... hat der HP 2000C/CN durch den Einsatz von Intel MMX-
Technologie Zugriff auf deren Farbtabellen und kann so Farbbilder
schneller verarbeiten" (A mistake made when translating. It's hard to
get the wrong meaning if translated back to English, sorry.)

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