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> What is the most direct method to scroll text in a given region of a
> console window? For example, if the console size is 50 rows by 80 columns,
> and I only want to scroll the text in the region (18,23) by (32,45) how
> would this be done? Is there a syscall I could use? I don't want to
> have to compile in curses, which I don't have a clue on how to use anyway.
> I would like to be able to access video text memory directly
> (at 0x000B8000) but I don't think that is possible. Any suggestions?
> And please, give examples! Thanks!

If you *really* want to muck with the video memory directly (which
means it's not going to work in an xterm, or via telnet, or...) then
you can access it as /dev/vcsa. However, you are much better off
using curses; that's what it's for.


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