Re: SMP scalability: 8 -> 32 CPUs

Stephen C. Tweedie (
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 11:33:59 GMT


On 03 Dec 1998 12:01:56 +0100, Jes Sorensen <>

> I am not sure I understand you right here, on the O2000 you can either
> run the whole box as a single image or I _think_ partition it and run
> multiple instances of IRIX on it (I think IRIX 6.5 allows this at
> least, maybe I'm wrong).

SSI (single system image) != SMP (_symmetric_ multiprocessing, where
all memory is always the same distance from each CPU). Non-symmetric
memory architectures are NUMA, but that's not necessarily SMP (it
depends on just how relaxed your definition of SMP is, and some
vendors get pretty relaxed about it).

Even clusters can present a single system image, but they are most
definitely not SMP systems.


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