NIS/RPC Dead on 2.1.130 Alpha

Steven N. Hirsch (
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 07:10:38 -0500 (EST)


It's Baaaaccckkkk. Although 2.1.130 (and 2.1.131-3) build and boot
without incident on my Alpha UDB (RedHat 5.1), NIS is completely
non-operative. This is similar to what happened on Intel Linux at around
2.1.127 (and which later vanished at about 2.1.129 or so..).

I tried backing out the RPC scheduling changes in HJ's linux-2.1.1xx.diff,
but it made no difference.

ypbind loads without incident, but complains that no server is bound. This
box has been working fine with 2.1.126.

No problems on any of my UP Intel boxen, but an SMP PPro machine routinely
hangs for several minutes on the first use of NIS. Once it clears, things
work correctly.

I suspect a subtle race condition in the RPC subsystem that was exposed by
changes between 2.1.126 and 2.1.127.


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