[Majorly Offtopic] Re: IDE freeze for seconds

Barry Zubel (barry@vkresearch.com)
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 13:29:41 -0000

>On Wed, Dec 02, 1998 at 03:25:24PM -0000, Simon Kenyon wrote:
>> On 02-Dec-98 Alex Buell wrote:
>> > What is the first thing that ceases when you spin down a planet? That's
>> > right, gravity. Everything not tied down would just fly out into space,
>> > and that includes the atmosphere. Simple.
>> i don't see a smiley, but i have to assume that that was a little joke!
>well, the problem is that... it's true. so don't use ower management on the
>earth spin...

Umm.. Forgive me if my memory is failing, but the spin of the earth does not
contribute to the effect of gravity.

Gravity is relational to the mass of the two objects, and the distance
between them, and NOTHING to do with angular velocity

( I think its along the lines of ( G*m[1]*m[2]) / d^2 ) where G=
Gravitational Constant = 6.67 E-11 m^2kg^-2, m[1, 2] are masses of the
object, and d is the distance between them (rewritten in computer
mathematics :))

Angular velocity can be used to simulate the effects of gravity (note: 2001
by Arthur C. Clarke, and even Babylon 5!), in these circumstances the
centrifugal force simulates the effects of gravity, however this is due to
the fact that the pressure is exerted from the inside outwards.

In fact, (and this is where my memory fails me, so I'm speculating) the spin
of the earth theoretically counters the effect of gravity, minutely. But
because this velocity is not fast (relatively) and the mass of the Earth in
comparison to the mass of, say, a person is so immense then this affect can
be described as negligible.

Sorry for the offtopic, but I knew my Physics, and Mathematical Mechanics
'A' Levels had a use!

Barry Zubel
Technical Manager
VK Research

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