2.1.131 booting problems on AXP

dr john halewood (john@unidec.co.uk)
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 14:00:39 -0000

I'm having no luck whatsoever with 2.1.131 on my alpha
(600MHz LX164/512Mb RAM). It compiles happily but when
it comes to booting it gets as far as
'jumping to the kernel.


and that's it. No more output, nothing on the network, just
locked solid. Thus I can't really give any useful feedback apart
from the fact that i've tried it with different compilers (gcc
which never works on the alpha, egcs-1.1b and egcs-1.1.1). A
brief look at the alpha-specific source shows precious little
difference between 131 and 130, which worked fine. Anyone
else found this or had any success?


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