SCSI generic can cause system halt

Ivan Shvedunov (
Thu, 03 Dec 1998 19:33:14 +0300

Please excuse me for not reporting this bug before. It was in all 2.0
and 2.1 kernels I used (all that contain FlashPoint driver). I didn't
use 2.1 kernels for a while after replacing Slackware 3.1 by Red Hat 5.2
and thought that this bug is probably fixed in 2.1 series or 2.0.35 /
so didn't report it. But few days ago I replaced 2.0.34 by 2.1.130 and
saw that the bug is still there...
I'm using HP Scanjet 5p scanner connected to BusLogic FlashPoint LT
SCSI card. If it is scanning something any disk activity can halt the
system (my computer has 2 HDs, both SCSI, connected to the same SCSI
card as the scanner). It halts without any messages and does it so badly
that even SysRq doesn't work.
find / &
scanimage -d hp:/dev/scanner (scanimage is from SANE package)
halts the system with 50% probability. I wasn't able to trace this bug.
Probably it is in BusLogic/FlashPoint driver.


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