UDP packet fragments sent in reverse order

Paul LeMahieu (lemahieu@vigeland.paradise.caltech.edu)
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 10:17:18 -0800


I'm running a 2.0.34 kernel with a 3Com905b network card (3c59x.o module).

Here's my problem: we get very performance sending through a
firewall using UDP. Another OS in our office does just fine. A tcpdump
shows that the Linux machine is taking the large UDP packets, fragmenting
them, and sending them out in reverse order. The header is the last part
of the UDP packet the firewall sees so it can't forward anything until
it gets the whole UDP packet.

Can anyone tell me why the fragments would get sent out in reverse
order? I can't see any reason to do it and it certainly doesn't
seem like a good idea.




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