Re: High UID support for Linux

Stefan Monnier (monnier+lists/linux/kernel/news/
03 Dec 1998 14:21:00 -0500

>>>>> "Jason" == Jason Riedy <> writes:
> I tend to use HOME for the home directory of the current user; it's the
> lazy solution.

It's not a question of lazyness, it's a question of what you're looking for:
- getpwent gives you the sysadm-defined home directory of a specific user.
It can be reasonably trusted.
- $HOME gives you the home directory as chosen by the user (in a more
real-world and less `uid' sense). It can't be trusted but its use
makes for a more user-friendly application.

I do expect emacs to use $HOME (and not out of lazyness but out of convenience
for the user) and it comes in handy every once in a while (like mounting your
favored homedir via /net and then setting HOME to point there).


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