2.0.36/isdn/callback (isdn4kutils3.0b1)

Steffen Ullrich (ccrlphr@xensei.com)
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 22:50:11 +0100

I'm using isdn4kutils3.0beta1 together with 2.0.35 (with Jumbo patch6). I'm using callback so that
if somebody want's to reach my machine my ISP dials my isdn-card, it hangs up and I dial back.
evrything works fine as long as I'm not using the second isdn line (like hanging on the phone). With
2.0.35 it takes a bit to hangup (because it can't be done thru the second interface), but with
2.0.36 it cannot hangup and tries speed dialing instead (with 2.0.35 it tries about once a second,
with 2.0.36 it tries as fast as possible). It looks like that it tries to dial-out on the second
channel (which is in use) instead of hanging up the first and trying there. I've tried several
setting (isdnctrl cbhup ...) - nothing helped.
Like I said - it works fine with 2.0.35J6, but stops working with 2.0.36. As long as the second line is
free all works fine with 2.0.36 too.
Card: Fritz AVM A1 ISA, isdn4kutils4.0beta1 (need more info?)

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