aic7xxx Driver support faster than 20MB/sec?

Timm Gleason (
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 16:42:25 -0800

Does anyone know if the current version of the aic7xxx driver(5.1.4) support
faster than 20MB/sec maximum transfer rate? I compiled a 2.0.36 kernel using
the pre13 patch and the patch text had references in it to the aic7xxx
driver being 5.0.20. This kernel did support the higher rates. However, I
find that the kernel we compiled using the final release of 2.0.36 contains
aic7xxx driver 5.1.4 and does not seem to accept negotiation higher than
20MB/sec. Yes, I have checked the SCSI BIOS for the controller and all ID's
are set to 80MB/sec rate.

Timm Gleason

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