Re: linux kernel hackers discover new theory of relativity!

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Anthony Barbachan wrote:

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> Subject: linux kernel hackers discover new theory of relativity!
> >look, can we end this?
> >gravity is NOT, repeat NOT caused by spinning!
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> >simon
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> I blame it on all those space cadet shows that have their space craft
> spinning sections of their bodies supposedly to create artificial gravity.
> I've always wondered though, if the spinning resulted in artificial gravity
> (I assume because of the direction of the floor in relation to those inside)
> then what about when this spinning object is travelling in a direction
> different from the spin direction.

Gravity is cause be a reversed polarity, and proportionately, gravitrons (up
quarks with
a 'flipped' wave if i'm not mistaken) cause gravity. If teh world stopped
spinning gravitrons would still exist since the polarity of teh planet is caused
by its core and plates, not by the spin.

Blah. For anyone curious, in Russia and America are both taking part in active
which involve reversing (rather negating) the effects of gravitation. Last I
read Russia is
one project up ahead of NASA on this. I can post a linkt o the article if
anyone cares to read it, much much information on gravity as well..

(anyway, wrong mailing list i suppose)

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