kernel-2.1.126 booting problem

Jan Krupa (
Fri, 4 Dec 1998 01:35:15 +0100 (EET)

I need to use the kernel which allow
to use "big sawp" (above 1GB) and "big RAM" (greater 512MB)
but I cannot it working under Debian2.0, Pentium II.

I managed to compile the kernel
make mrproper; dep; zImage (with similar configuration
to the config of kernel 2.0.36 which works) but
after rebooting computer lilo starts to load kernel
and prints:
Loading linux....
Uncompressing Linux....OK, booting the kernel

and nothing happens more and I have to reboot computer
and and load Linux (kernel 2.0.36) from rescue disks.

The kernel is quite big 496670MB.
I can send the kernel configuration.

Does anybody have some suggestion ?

Jan Krupa

Thanks in advance

Please send the answer to
because the mailing list is too busy for me so I could miss
the answer.

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