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Quoting Andrzej Krzysztofowicz (

> > Wouldn't it be possible
> > to have a "Default device to boot from" entry in {,menu,x}config to
> > enter a value and have the config stuff check for the appropriate
> > drivers to be compiled into the kernel?
> And how should kernel's Makefile guess that /dev/hdc is a CD-ROM, not disk ?

As somebody already pointed out: Ask the root user, he/she'll have to
know it. To *have* an option in the config to enter the device (in this
case) would be great, and what is wrong with having the scripts check
for the mostly used devices on that device (I do not mean it should check
if there's a physical device connected to that special file, just be
intelligent enough to know that hd* would need to have ide* to be compiled,
and sda*...).

I don't want the kernel to choose, no. But what about this?

make config

Boot device? /dev/hda5
/dev/hda5 is usually an IDE block device. Since you want Linux to
boot from it, you will have to enable the appropriate driver as
a compiled-in plug. You did not select it yet or you choosed to
compile it as a module. Should I change this for you [Y]? Y
Selecting IDE plug...

The configurator should be at least *that* intelligent. Of course,
/dev/hdaX could be anything. But whoever changes this device special
file to be something else should be smart enough to type "N" in the
above case.

Please think about this.

> Especially, when kernel is compiled on another machine than that on which
> it will be booted...

... would only be a problem if the Makefile/configurator wouldn't ask the
user about this after auto-choosing.


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