VHDL benchmarks

Walter Lundby (lundbys@xnet.com)
Thu, 03 Dec 1998 23:33:45 -0600

Saw some really interesting benchmarks for VHDL compiling
on several machines. The VHDL software was HPs and it was
ported to several architectures including linux. The linux
machine was not configured with enough memory for a fair test
but it was still in the ball park with the other machines...

The INTEL based LINUX machine was:
a dual 450 pent. II with 128 MB memory

The HP machine machine was a PA2 RISC with 1GB of memory.
The ALPHA was a 660? MHZ with 1GB of memory.
The SUN was a dual processor ULTRA with 1GB of memory.

Many people commented that it was unfair not giving the linux
box more memory. But the group that did the test is preparing
to do so..

I can't publish the specs but they were on an internal web site
at the Fortune 50 company and really are turning heads.

This along with Beowulf interest is very positive.

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