[Off-Topic] Re: NO ROM BASIC

Randy Dees (rrd@amherst.com)
Fri, 4 Dec 1998 03:57:43 -0500

> >
> > Then I rebooted. When it starts, it goes to 40 column mode and
> > says "NO ROM BASIC"
> Pardon me, but it sounds like you just booted an Atari 400 (or maybe a
> VIC 20, or possibly a Commodore PET ;-).
> Seriously, this almost sounds like a virus has infected your boot block.
> Can you boot off of floppy? Are you using LILO? Do you have more than
> one OS on your system?
> > Sincerely,
> > K.V.P
> --
> Peter A. Castro (doctor@fruitbat.org) or (pcastro@us.oracle.com)

It's not a virus - just the BIOS not knowing what to do with the disk.

I've seen this before when taking a secondary hard drive and making it the
boot drive under DOS. As I don't recall exactly what is going on, try this


I don't claim it's the best description there is; it's just the first site I
pulled up from infoseek with the right information.

Hope this helps.

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