[OT] gravity, who cares anymore, really? Feel free to send your hate mail.

pleXus (plexus@ionet.net)
Fri, 04 Dec 1998 02:54:30 -0700

Can we kill this topic now, please, however intersting it's a stale subject.

Jonas Munsin wrote:

> > cylinder. Those who are near of rotation axis are in zero-gravity. This is
> > not gravity guys, it's centrifugal force, the same that pushes you against
> > your car's window when you take a sharp turn.

Hmm, I think he's trying to focus on an outward force here. And to be quite frank
he is
absolutely correct no matter how hard you think about it. Centrifugal and
centripetal forces are functional opposites. In his example it would be
centrifugal and would deal heavily with inertia in a weightless environment
(Babylon5). We call this 'effect' artificial-gravity becase the definition of
gravity in a more immature sense is 'a force which pulls things down'. However
incredibly wrong a defintion it works.

Centripetal force is the force applied to something that would mimick gravity,
and, any physicist should know that centripetal force cannot be created using a a
simple spin (not really). Maybe quantum mechanics (theoretical physics? huh?)
would help but gravity is a (up)quark with an inverse wave (a gravitron). heh, i
wonder. How and why? I don't think anyone has that answer, something about
incredible mass and spin. Certainly not spin alone.

Blah, anyway. Every object would remain at zero grav until somehow they developed
an inertial path alongside the wall of the 'cylinder'.

> No it's not. Your "centrifugal force" is something you invent when you (quite
> wrongly) treat an accelerating reference frame as an inertial one. I strongly
> suggest you go look up centripetal and centrifugal force in any first-year
> university book on physics (University Physics - Benson, page 105 in the
> revisited edition is one place to start) before continuing this arguement.
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munch munch munch, mmmm.. yum.. toe...

electrons are cetripetal by nature. <g>

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