2.1.131 booting problems on AXP

Thomas Pornin (pornin@bolet.ens.fr)
Fri, 4 Dec 1998 11:27:00 +0100

In article <90CFA4E30D16D01189560000F83047E70FF94A@alpha1.unidec.co.uk>
you write:
> Anyone else found this or had any success?

I am typing this message on a an Alpha machine, Miata (LX164-like),
576 MB of ram, kernel 2.1.131 UP, compiled with gcc-2.8.1 and
binutils 2.9.1. Seems to work for me. 2.1.130 locked(*) when I tried to
make a 430 MB tar archive, 2.1.131 did it just fine.

--Thomas Pornin

(*) The machine was still up, but the every disk access was leading to
eternel blocking. Sounds like a disk buffer endless loop somewhere.

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