Helge Hafting (
Fri, 04 Dec 1998 09:39:27 +0100

> Most Unix tools include basic sanity checks, and that's one area where
> the Linux kernel could be improved. The following sanity check should
> not be that hard to do:
> Q> Complain if the configuration selects file systems without also
> Q> selecting somewhere to mount them, as there's little point to a
> Q> kernel supporting (say) ext2 without supporting any form of disk
> Q> drive to use it on.
> Note that I'm not advocating that either IDE or SCSI have to be
> selected, just that if neither is selected, then few of the file
> systems make any sense...
How about a machine that boot from network but still need
ext2 in order to read certain cd-rom's from a proprietary
cdrom interface? The floppy drive?
Or maybe I want to mess with disk image files with various filesystems
using the loop device?
And someone in the future may make a block driver
that is neither IDE nor scsi.
> Likewise, a kernel compiled with NFS support but without networking
> support doesn't make a great deal of sense, but appears selectable; I
> can't check at the moment, so can't be sure re that at this point...
Someone may want to test NFS code on the loopback interface ...

There are so many special cases making a sanity checker very complex,
and hard to update when future features show up.

I'd say that those who don't know what they do should seek advice or
stick with a distribution kernel.

Helge Hafting

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