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Tigran Aivazian (
Fri, 4 Dec 1998 12:38:46 +0000 (GMT)


Depends on what you mean by "gravity".
Many many years ago I was perfectly content with the strikingly naive
notion of "gravity" as curvature (Rieamann tensor) of time-oriented
connected paracompact Lorentzian manifold supposed to represent our
spacetime; in such simple context your "*is*" should most certainly
be replaced by "*is not*", i.e. the curvature of one case is zero
and of "real gravity" is not.

If one, however, spends enough time on researching geometrical nature of
mass and electric charge one would be quite tempted to comment that there
is at least a seed of truth in your remark. In other words, one should seek
some sort of combination of the well-known concepts of "topology" and
"differentiable structure" (=manifold) which will embody Einstein Equation
in most natural form, provide explanation for the "nature" of singularities
and (ideally) encompass QM/QG in its conceptual framework and, most
importantly, provide criteria for selecting so-called "natural topology"
and "natural diff structure" which are used silently in GR when considering
concrete solutions and yet are never imposed/required when introducing the subject

But, in any case, you suggestion to study GR is definitely the best one can
receive in his life on this planet - here I agree with you completely :)


On 3 Dec 1998, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> > Babylon 5 is closer to the reality of physics - the spinning station
> > creates artificial gravity, but only for people standing on the
> > inside walls of the cylinder. Those who are near of rotation axis
> > are in zero-gravity. This is not gravity guys, it's centrifugal
> > force, the same that pushes you against your car's window when you
> > take a sharp turn. --
> >
> Actually, it *is* gravity. Read up on general relativity if you don't
> believe me.
> -hpa
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