Re: Internationalizing Linux

Alan Cox (
Fri, 4 Dec 1998 15:45:05 +0000 (GMT)

> So is that why the old IBM mainframes tagged every system message with
> a unique identifier?


> I think having messages appear in the sysadmin's native language has
> merit. The front line for Linux support is moving away from this
> list.
> Once messages permeate back to this list, they can be converted back
> to English just as the original message was converted originally to
> the native language.

Im beginning to agree. Firstly someone says they have the tools to do
this cleanly and automatically as well as intending to do it. Secondly
providing they put numbering in you can look messages up. But they do
need to provide a nice tool for this. If for non original messages you
generate a constant numbering - and that bit is non trivial then there
needs to be a way to do

cat bugreport | toenglish | more

that wil find all the numbered errors (eg format them $ID$ - text)
and replace them with their "original" format.

To my mind the constant numbering and also correct handling of positional
data are the killer issues.


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