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Fri, 4 Dec 1998 09:53:41 -0500 (EST)

Kenneth D'Ambrosio wrote:
| That's not a kernel issue -- that's what a non-IBM(tm) machine says when
| it can't find a boot device. In other words, your hard drive is, somehow,
| not communicating with the system. Watch your power-up stuff, and you'll
| most likely see that the hard drive isn't being mentioned. Check your
| cables, make sure the BIOS is configured properly, make sure your ID
| jumpers are correct, and, lastly, listen to see if the drive itself is
| spinning up -- it may have died. NOTE: this is a HARDWARE issue; merely
| blowing away your MBR wouldn't give you this error; then you'd get a
| "Can't find OS" or some such error.

Note that IIRC, there is an interrupt that will start ROM BASIC;
If his boot block is corrupted or being misread (bad BIOS geometry?) it's
possible to get this as well.

BTW, older NEC machines did it too :)


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