Re: Dumb question: Which is "better" SCSI or IDE disks?

menion (
Fri, 04 Dec 1998 17:12:05 +0000

Russell Leighton wrote:
> What are good rules of "thumb" for
> choosing IDE vs SCSI when building
> a Linux system?
> Both are fast these days...I always
> thought that IDE==cheap, but loaded
> the CPU, so you didn't want that in
> a server or high performance machine
> that might be busy with other things
> besides waiting for the current disk
> that fair? just basically
> wrong?
> Thanks in advance!

If you have the money, I would go SCSI. I use an old Seagate Barracuda
2 gig, and a BusLogic 948, and I have a lot better over all performance
on that SCSI disk. (On my home machine). At work, there is no
compirison. I have a IDE + SCSI Linux Box, and 2 SCSI Linux box's. The
100% SCSI have big speed difference. Esp The P-II. =). However, IDe,
SCSI, if you are not doing anything but piddling, or compiling, or
something like that, I would not worry about it. If it is a server, I
say, Go for it. SCSI all the way.


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