scripts/Configure bug, perhaps?

Jamie Lokier (
Fri, 4 Dec 1998 18:28:42 +0000

I did `make oldconfig' today on a 2.1.131 tree, running on a 2.1.129ac3

I got an error message (see below, look for the line starting
"scripts/Configure:"). Is the message anything to be worried about?
I.e., is it a kernel problem or a problem with the script?

Sorry I don't have more details.

-- Jamie

Amateur Radio support (CONFIG_HAMRADIO) [N/y/?]
* ISDN subsystem
ISDN support (CONFIG_ISDN) [N/y/m/?]
* CD-ROM drivers (not for SCSI or IDE/ATAPI drives)
scripts/Configure: Can't reopen pipe to command substitution (fd 5): No child processes

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