Re: Synchronous protocols on Linux

Krzysztof Halasa (
03 Dec 1998 22:59:26 +0100

Michael Lausch <> writes:

> some time ago i fetched the GPL source from sdlcomm's ftp site. i
> still have it. The driver works now for 1 month in a 2.0.x environment
> without downtime in Cisco HDLC mode.
> <>

Yes, but... it lacks FR protocol. SDL had source of Cisco, sync PPP and
raw HDLC available on their ftp. They were also selling FR driver, with
object-only FR module. Some time ago they stopped to provide any drivers,
and they have some "devel kit" available under NDA.

I assume current driver manufacturer (there is info on
signed the NDA and is providing binary-only drivers for Cisco, PPP, raw
and FR protocols for free. I believe it may violate the GPL, if the code
is based on part of Linux kernel.

Anyway, this binary FR driver is good as a toy, but not in mission-critical

Krzysztof Halasa
Network Administrator of The Palace of Youth in Warsaw

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