Gravis Ultrasound [classic] artefacts partly solved on 2.1.131

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Fri, 4 Dec 1998 23:09:41 +0100 (CET)

Hello all!

I've been having trouble playing sounds on my Gravis UltraSound 3.7 (512k)
but while browsing the web lately I found something that you might find
interesting: irqtune

It can be found at and enables you to set
the priority assigned to IRQs.

I've used this to give GUS-interrupts the highest priority and now the
sounds play beautifully - even when the system is loaded heavily.

I advice everyone having trouble playing sounds on their GUSses to try this;
I'm happy with it.

Just one question remaining for the guru's, what could be causing this, is
my machine too slow handling interrupts? It's just an almost ancient
AMD 5x86/133

Hmm, on the other hand, it seems like my CD-ROM writer just gave up. Maybe
it wants some priority. Darn.

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