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In message <Pine.LNX.3.96.981204010439.1703A-100000@fire.fireplace>, Gerhard
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| The early XTS would looks for basic in rom if they couldn't find a
| bootable device, if none then that error came up. some of the bios
| maufacturers still keep that message for some unknown reason.

Actually, the BIOS boot sequence tries the floppy, then the hard drive, then
does INT 18H (IIRC). On an original IBM PC or PC/XT, this invokes ROM
BASIC; on some clone XTs it invokes BIOS diagnostics; on most machines these
days it invokes a stub that prints the "NO ROM BASIC" message.

Note that this happens only if the MBR is unreadable (drive 0 not present,
not low level formatted, or track 0 bad) and possibly if the magic number in
the partition table (0x55AA IIRC) isn't there. Garbage in the MBR usually
leads to a hang, however, as opposed to the INT 18 trap.

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