Re: Internationalizing Linux
Sat, 5 Dec 1998 00:02:01 +0100

On Fri, Dec 04, 1998 at 09:53:08AM +0100, Jes Sorensen wrote:

>>> Oh and how to you expect kernel hackers to be able to help debug a
>>> problem when someone posts dmesg output in Chinese to linux-kernel?
>> So is that why the old IBM mainframes tagged every system
>> message with a unique identifier?
> Oh and everybody should have a 2000 page translation table on paper?

Come on. You know these "SYS3175: Das Program hat eine illegale Instruktion
ausgeführt und wird deshalb beendet." messages, ANY IBM programmer will be
able to backtrack the message by using the SYS number.

What do you need a 2000 page translation table for then?

YOU don't need to translate ANYTHING. But making it POSSIBLE to be
translated is, I believe, quite important. Even the Palm OS has been
translated. :)

>>> We've had this discussion before, about a year ago I think, forget
>>> it once and for all, please.
>> I think having messages appear in the sysadmin's native
>> language has merit. The front line for Linux support is moving
>> away from this list.
> I really can't see the point here, all the commands on the system are
> in english anyway, C is using English. If you don't understand the
> basic English terms used by a computer, how can you adminitrate them.

Simple. Get an OS that gives you the messages in the language you know best
and understand best. I know of quite a couple friends whose only reasons for
not trying out something other than Windows is that in Windows, everything
is in their native tongue (German, in my example). They are too lazy to
learn English just to use another OS. And they ARE in fact missing

>> Once messages permeate back to this list, they can be converted
>> back to English just as the original message was converted
>> originally to the native language.
> Sorry but I am not going to waste my time trying to decode error
> messages from my own code just because someone wants to print it in
> a different language.

You don't have to. Please think about the above message number idea and THEN
reply (if necessary).

Is it a big problem adding a kind of language definitions (and perhaps a
utility that interactively creates these files) AND an unique(!) error
number scheme to avoid miscromprehension for bug reports? Something like

"kernel_999: Dieser Fehler existiert nicht. Es ist sicherlich Ihre Schuld."
"libc2.1_666: Hier spricht der BAADH: Ich habe gerade ihr $HOME gelöscht."
(now what ever does BAADH mean? ;-)

or something.

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