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| Centripetal force is the force applied to something that would mimick gravity
| ,
| and, any physicist should know that centripetal force cannot be created using
| a a
| simple spin (not really). Maybe quantum mechanics (theoretical physics? huh?

What planet are you from?

Centripetal force is the force which keeps an object in motion about a
center from doing what it would otherwise do, which is continue moving at a
tangent away from the center due to its momentum. In the case of an object
held by a string, the force is exerted by the string; for someone standing
on the "floor" of a space station which rotates to produce "artificial
gravity", it's the force exerted on the person's feet by the "floor" of the

"Centrifugal force" doesn't exist. It's the apparent "force" directed away
from the center of rotation which appears to be pulling the rotating object
directly outward from the center; in fact, it's actually the object's
momentum trying to carry it in a straight line (at a tangent to the circle,
not normal to it). Since for short distances the tangent is fairly close to
the circular path resulting from the application of centripetal force to the
object, it "feels" like a force directly away from the center.

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