Are people still having fun with psaux and 2.1.12/3x ?

Mike McEwan (
Sat, 05 Dec 1998 03:09:52 GMT

Sorry to raise this again, but are people out there still having
problems with PS/2 mice suddenly shooting up the right hand-corner
under X. It would appear this has been happening to some of us since
2.1.124 , or there abouts, since the PS/2 code was moved into the
keyboard stuff.

I've read a few posts pertaining to the 'ol gpm co-existance
problems etc., but even with gpm absent altogether I'm still getting
this. I have a 3 button MS intellimouse, everything worked fine 'til
2.1.124ac?, when the PS/2 mouse code was incorporated with the
keyboard stuff.

To clarify a little further, the problem only occurs when I'm online
to my ISP and my modem's lights are flashing, which leads one to feel
it's something to do with interrupts or the like.

# cat /proc/interrupts
0: 4451952 XT-PIC timer
1: 40386 XT-PIC keyboard
2: 0 XT-PIC cascade
4: 357526 XT-PIC serial
8: 4 XT-PIC rtc
12: 33187 XT-PIC PS/2 Mouse
13: 1 XT-PIC fpu
14: 108003 XT-PIC ide0
15: 5 XT-PIC ide1
NMI: 0
IPI: 0

That's my modem on IRQ 4. I'm running `imwheel' and conduct an
`irqtune' at boot time, but the elimination of either of these factors
has, thus far, delivered no relief.

I know there's a few others suffering the same plight from earlier
mailings on this list. Has anyone sussed this out yet, it's a real
pain as, depending on when the bugger strikes, I have to CTRL-ALT-BS
out of X altogether to recover the situation, core dumping as I go.

If this is rather old hat now, please could someone mail this list
or myself as to how the problem can be resolved.



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