Re: Problem with 1G RAM

Tymm Twillman (
Fri, 4 Dec 1998 22:54:10 -0600

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> I will set up a Linux MM documentation section in the Linux
> MM site. Then I'll also put a pointer file ("More.Info" or
> something like that) in the Documentation directory.
> Then every kernel subsystem is free to setup a web page/site
> to document problems, internal structure, hacking info, todo
> lists and tips&tricks themselves.
> Including all possible info with the kernel would be far too
> much and restricting the available info would be a bad thing.
> Once each subsystem has it's own site there could even be a
> bit of competition over who's got the best site -- this will
> undoubtedly annihalate the "no support" FUD we've all been
> hearing.
> comments?,


I certainly think this is a good idea, but it would also be really nice to
document the really obvious problems that people are going to run into in
the Documentation directory, if only as a list that says "you have this
problem? go see"... All too often people (and
I've made the mistake myself) will run into something like this, quickly
look over the docs, see that there's nothing specifically covering
the problem, and immediately complain to a list or just abort the whole
thing. And while it's fairly obvious that this case is an MM issue, I
expect that many people would skip checking the site, because a) they're
not *sure* this is where to look, and b) it's an extra step with no
guaranteed results. We want to keep things as obvious as possible,
even for the people with big machines and no hacking prowess that are so
easy to FUD...


just my $.0002


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