memory management

David Feuer (
Sat, 05 Dec 1998 00:42:42 -0500

It seems from what I've seen on this list that there may not be one
(finitely described) set of memory management algorithms that are
optimal for all systems. I think it might be a good idea to provide
several separate algorithms, each optimized for certain amounts of
physical RAM and certain system conditions (e.g. lots of little
processes vs. a few big ones, lots of CPU-intensive processes vs. mostly
disk-bound, huge hard-drive vs. embedded system.....). The memory
management could be selected by
(in increasing order of flexibility and decreasing order of ease of
a) configuration options, with well-written help pages so users can
figure out what is likely best for their system.
b) lilo/loadlin/rdev boot parameters with docs
c) loadable modules with docs

I think this could help everybody.


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