Andrea Arcangeli (
Sat, 5 Dec 1998 13:33:55 +0100 (CET)

I am uploading arca-47-against-2.1.131-ac3.diff.gz

The patch is against linux-2.1.131-ac3:

Differences between linux-2.1.131-ac3:

o get_wchan() moved in arch specific section and CTRL+SCROLL-LOCK
use get_wchan() to get the PC filed information. Due this change
the arca-47 kernel compile only on i386 and alpha (alpha is just
uptodate too).

o fixed a little bug in a emergency SMP code in irq.c (Ingo and

o idle task reschedule fix (SCHED_YIELD was not enough)

o fixed APM that would go in ap_do_idle() even if the CPU is been
busy for a lot of time

o jiffies wrap update (note 2.1.131 ac3 in hp100 has some jiffy
wrap bug caused by me that I fixed some weeks ago after a bug

o reversed a patch (that I think it' s buggy) in ac3 in the 3c509
device driver

o aic7xxx experimental timer handler and a mod_timer cleanup

o fixed scsi code to not hang after ~0UL sec after the first
scsi reset

o ppa reset handler set (avoid kernel crash in case of reset of the
ppa host forced by the scsi midlevel driver)

o reimplemented time to jiffies functions handling all kind
of overflows, it fixes also a schedule_timeout() printk flood
due to an overflow in timeout = (timeout*HZ+999)/1000+1; in poll()

o removed unused flag from the mmstruct since we don't do aging

o reversed some changes in 2.1.130 that was causing an excessive
swapout, the changes would make sense if we would run
shrink_mmap() after every swapout.

o new delayed ack heuristic invented by me to handle better
performance on congestioned networks

o in shrink_mmap() I stop trying to free pages if I just tried
on a lot of freeable pages (and not not freeables ones)

o my own kswapd implementation that runs in background and
schedule() as a normal process but with dynamic priority

o anti swap cache garbage patch, probably it make no differences
but works fine

o give a sense to swap cache statistics

o little vmalloc fix

o kernel compile without sysctl

o some minor things

Andrea Arcangeli

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