tcp scheduling for ppp?

Sitaram Iyer (
Sat, 5 Dec 1998 08:59:33 -0600

Is there a way you can do some sort of priority-based tcp scheduling for
ppp? What I would like to have is ftp/wget running at a low priority, http
at a higher and telnet at the highest priority, so that if a http packet
comes down, all ftp connections stall for a while (i guess this stall would,
in general, be a lot longer than required, but that's okay) and then
continue. Basically when I'm websurfing, the ftp connections beneath kill
the speed over my poor 28.8kbps, and if I cut off all of them I feel guilty
for wasting phone time when I'm reading a page or something.

I peeked into kernel:net/sched/ and found one zillion schedulers with weird
names like tbf and sfq and another bunch of classifiers, and even something
that looked like an API for writing schedulers, all with zilch documentation
of course, so I'm sure some sort of support exists in the kernel.

I'm not sure this is perfectly possible (can't control queues on the
receiving end and so on), but any sort of improvement over the current
scheduling would be beneficial.

Thanks in advance,

Sitaram Iyer <>
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