Re: 960MB limitation for 2.2 ?

Khimenko Victor (
Sat, 5 Dec 1998 19:00:29 +0300 (MSK)

4-Dec-98 23:34 you wrote:
> Hello,

>> I'd suggest, changing the late 2.1.1xx kernels NOW to support up to 2GB as
>> default. It won't break anything, most probably, but if it will, it's better
>> done now, too.
>> This will not only save bad press for Linux but also a large number of
>> postings to this list.
>> It's trivial, actually.

> No, it isn't. There are lots of people who use 3GB of address space per
> process on machines with just a few dozen megabytes of RAM.

How many programs for "normal" (=non computer geek able to recompile kernel :-)
users requires 3GB address space ? But I bet that A LOT OF peoples not able to
recompile kernel who will try to use Linux on computers with 1-2Gb of RAM
before 2.4 (3.0?) will be out... So such change will affect mostly geeks who
able to help himself but will help to a lot of dumb users who are not able to
help himself via kernel recompilation.

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