Re: mediumraw keyboard mode?

Vern Hoxie (
Sat, 5 Dec 1998 12:26:57 -0700

On Fri, 4 Dec 1998, Frank da Cruz wrote:
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> What is needed is an API to read keycodes, similar to read(), but
> which returns a unique code for each key and key combination, and
> does so both for the console and xterms, and yet returns a sensible
> error when attempted from a remote terminal.

There is a utility named 'loadkeys' which will allow users to remap
any or all of the keys.

I have generated an alternate keymap which I transfer into the kernel
tree. With this, the keypads send the escape sequences as used on my
3b1. These are interpreted in emacs to call specific actions. All of
the kep pad keys have been remapped. I have even remapped the
"NumLock" key.

The problem I have encountered is that 'X' also remaps the raw key
codes and bypass my liux keymap. Consequently, my special emacs keys
don't get interpreted when run under X. Hopefully, I will learn of an
interface which can be used by xemacs in it's window and let the
standard keymap be used by other applications.

Does anyone know of someone at xemacs who can give me some

If only the PC designers had more imagination and generated a keyboard
with the functionality of the 3b1.

BTW, any suggestions about how I can connect a 3b1 keyboard to a PC?


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