Re: Intel microcode fixes on PPro mobo

Aaron Tiensivu (
Mon, 23 Nov 1998 11:30:38 -0500

> But where are the BIOSes that has also the asm to upload the microcode?

After playing with an ASUS Pentium Pro mobo a few weeks ago, I figured I'd
update the BIOS because it was dreadfully old (almost the original release
version) and I checked out the German ASUS site (the best one), and got
the latest beta bios which also (half-assly) supports ACPI.

Anyway, the microcode update is togglable on that BIOS with that motherboard.
It also doubled the options available and 1/2'd the start up time.

I must say that ASUS does a damn good job keeping discontinued products
updated BIOS-wise. The chip onboard was only a 150mhz but it absolutely flew
once all the extra options were at my disposal.

The mobo in question is the XP6NP5 if I recall correctly.

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