Re: Are people still having fun with psaux and 2.1.12/3x ?

Adam D. Bradley (
Sat, 5 Dec 1998 17:04:48 -0500 (EST)

On Sat, 5 Dec 1998, Mike McEwan wrote:

> Sorry to raise this again, but are people out there still having
> problems with PS/2 mice suddenly shooting up the right hand-corner
> under X. It would appear this has been happening to some of us since
> 2.1.124 , or there abouts, since the PS/2 code was moved into the
> keyboard stuff.
> I've read a few posts pertaining to the 'ol gpm co-existance
> problems etc., but even with gpm absent altogether I'm still getting
> this. I have a 3 button MS intellimouse, everything worked fine 'til
> 2.1.124ac?, when the PS/2 mouse code was incorporated with the
> keyboard stuff.
> To clarify a little further, the problem only occurs when I'm online
> to my ISP and my modem's lights are flashing, which leads one to feel
> it's something to do with interrupts or the like.

I'm having similar problems, except the mouse going ballistic usually
coincides with heavy IDE disk use. This is an SMP system (dual PII),
mouse is a logitech 3-button, server is Accelerated-X.

I've been meaning to try backing out the "grand ps/2 unification" patch to
see if this fixes it, but am coming up on the last week of the semester
and will be a little short on time until this coming Friday (when I plan
to be watching the new Star Trek movie). If you get a chance, just back
out those changes and see if that fixes it...


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