Re: UDP bad checksum :)

Mike Sackton (
Sat, 5 Dec 1998 17:18:39 -0500 (EST)

On Fri, 4 Dec 1998 wrote:

>> > I've just get this 'UDP: bad checksum' messaga again :
>> >
>> > Dec 3 18:36:16 oxygene kernel: UDP: bad checksum. From to ulen 228
>> >
>> > It's strange that I get this message when somebody boot Windows98 on
>> > Nice :)
>> I think that this is from a BOOTP or DHCP request. Should these
>> kinds of messages still be printing out?

No. This is from Windows Filesharing. (look in /etc/services).

>More to the point, why is the kernel evaluating these as bad checksums?
>Is there anyway to recognize these sorts of messages beforehand, so the
>kernel knows the checksum is invalid/special. I'm not all the familiar
>with the protocols in question, but it seems to me that this is really an
>erroneous error message (from the department of redundancy department).

No. Actually, based on other messages recently going to the list about bad
checksums, the reason the kernel is printing the message is because it
really does have a bad checksum :-). What a suprise :-)

Mike Sackton

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