Re: NTFS partitions show up as OS/2 partitions.

Marty Leisner (
Sat, 05 Dec 1998 14:57:25 -0500

> Hi people,
> I recently tore down a Windows NT 4.0 server that used NTFS on two
> partitions. When I ran (Linux) fdisk, I noticed that both partitions
> showed up as OS/2 HPFS partitions. The machine has never had OS/2
> installed on it!
> It doesn't matter much, since I deleted the partitions, and created an
> ext2 partition. But I can't stop wondering about it (anyway, now you
> know there might be some wierd problem). Anyone got a good explanation?
> Best regards
> Jesper Juhl

I'm not sure which util-linux fdisks your running...

In cfdisk 0.8l:
cfdisk 0.8l

Disk Drive: /dev/hda
Heads: 240 Sectors per Track: 63 Cylinders: 840

Name Flags Part Type FS Type [Label] Size (MB)
hda1 Primary DOS FAT16 (big) [ ]
hda5 Logical DOS FAT16 (big) [VISUAL C ] 450.36
hda6 Logical DOS FAT16 (big) [SWAP-SPACE ] 51.68
hda7 Boot Logical OS/2 HPFS [OS2] 376.53
hda8 Logical NTFS 502.04
hda9 Logical Linux Swap 51.68
hda10 Boot Logical Linux ext2 51.68
hda11 Logical Linux ext2 302.70
Logical Free Space 1092.66
hda3 Primary Unknown (50) 1594.69
hda4 Primary Unknown (B5) 1225.55

I put the patched into fdisk, and will send them to
Andries Brouwer (I've been patching fdisk for a while). (the distributed fdisk
doesn't have the code to tell OS/2 and NTFS apart...)

I also might make fdisk/cfdisk a little smarter to get the NTFS volume name...

Marty Leisner

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