Re: UDMA is NFG on Ultra33 (CMD646 in disguise)

Mark Lord (
Sat, 05 Dec 1998 23:07:07 -0500

Simon Kirby wrote:
> This new machine seemed to boot up and work with the IDE stuff perfectly,
> but strangely, the EEPRO100 card that was in the machine was consistantly
> responding to ICMP ECHOs with what looked like (in tcpdump) a random pile
> of garbage. tcpdump just showed that the host was (from a mac address of,

Maybe try a different brand of motherboard:
Lots of Linux-folk have in the past noticed that multiple
PCI bus-masters sometimes corrupt each other, even though
they shouldn't. It seems to be a motherboard/brand issue
of some sort, or maybe a chipset issue.

The eepro100 is a bus-master, as is the Ultra33.

Previous DMA problems have been reported with Adaptec SCSI adapters
interacting with soundcard-DMA and/or network-card DMA.

Sounds like maybe something similar here..

PC hardware is just plain cheap, and often not tested in
workstation scenarios. But now that DMA is becoming commonplace
in peripherals, things ought to be improving.



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