1GB mem & X86 (warning - this mail is generated by M$ outlook)

Brad Larden (bsl@ausgate.cvsi.com)
Sun, 6 Dec 1998 18:05:19 +1100


at the risk of being ridiculed, I have a question to ask......

I have been trying to follow the thread with regard to large memory sizes and find it most interesting.
What I am confused about is where does the various memory caching on X86 motherboards come
into effect, or more to the point, does linux actually make use of or ignore the L2 caching on

I know that the different chipsets cache different amounts of primary memory but none (that I know of)
cache anything near 1GB of memory. So, is there any point in even enabling the L2 cache on a motherboard ?

Sorry if this is a rather inept question but as I don't know the answer, I had to ask ;-)


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